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The Indian curry section contains a selection of traditional and 'take-away' or 'high-street restaurant' style recipes.
Getting that 'take-away' flavour at home requires a different style of cooking, often using pre-cooked meat and a pre-made Masala (or base) sauce.

It is not unusual for a 'high-street' restaurant to use pre-cooked meat and their own version of Masala sauce in virtually every curry on their menu. It's not surprising therefore that 'high-street' restaurants and 'take-aways' have a characteristic flavour unique to themselves across their whole menu.

I have used traditional and 'high-street' styles as necessary to produce what I consider to be excellent versions of the specific curry.

The curries are mainly for chicken (there is also a Beef Vindaloo) and include Balti, Bhuna, Dhansak, Dopiaza, Jalfrazi, Madras, Makhan (Butter), Passanda, Pathia, Rogan Josh, Tandoori, Vindaloo, Korma, Tikka and Tikka Masala. Recipes using other meats may well be added later.

Many of the curries will be well known but others may be new to you. As an example why not try Achari Chicken which includes mango powder to produce a delightful tangy flavour.
Also the Anari Chicken includes pomegranate molasses and seeds to produce a creamy and slightly fruity flavour.
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