Watford Buns

This recipe produces a small batch of 6 Watford Buns. They are yellow iced, topped with a glacé cherry and contain mixed fruit with an orangey background flavour. The name is purely made up as this is a unique recipe, an alternative flavour experience from the belgian bun from which they were derived. The colouration reminded me of the Watford FC kit colour (go the hornets!).


Makes 6 buns Continued...
80 ml milk 1 medium egg
30 gm butter 80 gm mixed fruit
¼ tspn saffron (optional) orange marmalade as required
225 gm plain white flour (see note 1) 80 gm icing sugar - or as required
½ of 7 gm packet fast-action yeast - 1¼ tspn (see note 2) yellow food colouring as required
½ tspn salt hot water as required
30 gm caster sugar 6 glacé cherries



  1. Bake in the oven for 15 min.
  2. When done, flatten the buns if needed by pushing down the central part that may have 'lifted'.
  3. Spread some orange marmalade on top of the hot buns and allow to cool - more can be added just before icing.
  4. Mix the icing sugar with a little yellow food colouring and add warm water a little at a time to make a thick paste that can be spread over the buns.
  5. After spreading the buns with the icing, top with a glacé cherry and allow the icing to set.


(1) Strong white flour is more typical and this can also be used if you prefer but plain flour is perfectly ok.
(2) 7 gm packets of fast-action yeast can be purchased, in pairs, at most supermarkets. A 7 gm packet contains about 2½ tspn.

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The finished buns

Quick acting yeast
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