Tuna and Frankfurter Po Boy

Po Boy's originate from New Orleans in Louisiana USA and are therefore not strictly English. This variation does not follow any traditional recipe but combines ingredients easy to get in the UK to produce a superb combination of flavours. Po Boy's are similar to American Sub's but should be made from French bread which is crisp on the outside and soft in the centre. The name is said to originate from their being cheap food to feed the poorest in the community and consequently were originally called Poor Boys.


For 1 Continued...
1/3 French stick 1 little gem lettuce (3 leaves)
butter (or veg spread) as needed 2 frankfurter sausages
1 tspn Dijon mustard BBQ sauce to taste
56 gm tinned tuna (in spring water) Pecorino Romano cheese (see notes)



Parmesan cheese can be used instead of pecorino.

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The main ingredients
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The finished meal

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