C41 Chicken Sindhi

Sindi is a region in southwest Pakistan on the Indian border with Gujarat and Rajasthan. This is a BIR styled version and has an unexpected but delicious flavour. An updated version of this recipe can be located here.


For 1 Continued...
1 portion precooked chicken 70 gm potato (prepared weight)
1 tbspn oil ¼ tspn salt
300 ml C41 curry base sauce 1 tbspn fresh coriander
1 tspn C41 sindhi spice mix 1 tbspn fresh mint
¼ - ½ tspn hot chilli powder 60 ml yogurt
1 tspn tomato purée 1 tspn anardana powder (see notes)
2 tspn green chilli  



  1. Heat a wok or heavy pan over a high heat and cook the c41 sindhi spice mix and chilli powder for 15 - 30 seconds. Do not burn.
  2. Add the tomato purée and cook, stirring with the back of a chef's spoon, for 1 min, adding a little c41 base sauce if needed.
  3. Add the green chilli and 80 ml of c41 base sauce and cook, stirring regularly, for 2 min, adding more c41 base sauce as needed.
  4. Stir in the chicken, potatoes, salt and 80 ml c41 base sauce and cook, stirring regularly, for 3 - 4 min, adding more c41 base sauce as needed to maintain the required sauce consistency.
  5. Turn the heat to low, stir in the yogurt, mint, coriander and anardana powder and leave for 1 min.


  1. Serve with rice and garnish with a little freshly chopped mint and coriander.


Not all of the c41 base sauce needs to be used.
Anardana is powderered pomegranate seeds and can be purchased at Asian stores or supermarkets.
The preparation stage
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The finished meal