Kheer With Mango

Kheer is Indian rice pudding and there are many recipes to be found on the 'web'. This one is not exactly traditional but adjusted to a western palate with a subtle mango flavour rather than the more usual cardamom.


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1 tbspn rice (see note 1) 1 tbspn flaked almonds
250 ml milk (see note 2) 10 pistachio nuts (optional)
2 tbspn caster sugar 3 tbspn mango pulp (see note 3)



  1. Add the rice, milk, and sugar to a suitable saucepan (see note 4) bring to the boil and turn the heat to very low, partially cover, and cook for ½ hour, stirring regularly, to prevent the milk burning on the bottom of the pan and to mix in the skin that will form.
  2. Add the pistachio nuts and crush in the almonds, then mix in the mango pulp and heat through.


  1. Serve garnished with a few more almonds.


(1) Short, long grained or Basmati rice can be used.
(2) Full fat or semi skimmed milk can be used.
(3) Mango pulp can be purchased at many supermarkets (e.g. ASDA) and any Indian outlet. Alphonso or Kesar are generally available and either can be used.
(4) A pan with sloping sides is best as it helps to prevent the milk from boiling over. A lid larger than the pan can be used to partially cover the pan perhaps with aid of a wooden spoon (see top pic).

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The ideal pan
Enlarge image
Alphonso Mango pulp
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Kesar Mango pulp
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The finished desert

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