Gulgulas (Mini Doughnuts)

This was copied from a recipe at Manjula's Kitchen but adjusted to produce fewer Gulgulas and using slightly different ingredients. All the credit must go to Manjula so see note 1 and her YouTube video below. There are many variations to Gulgulas, but this is very simple with the fennel seeds giving a delightful aniseed background flavour.


Makes approx 10 Continued...
3 tbspn plain flour (see note 2) 1 tspn fennel seeds (or to taste)
3 tbspn caster sugar ½ tspn oil
1 tbspn yogurt 1 tbspn water (only use what is necessary)



  1. Heat the oil in a wok or heavy pan to 180° C - the batter needs to be placed in the oil at 180° C but it can then be allowed to cool, thereby cooking more slowly (see note 3).
  2. Drop in teaspoons of batter - I find it easier to use a teaspoon and, holding it just above the oil surface, allow it to drop into the oil, helping it off the spoon using a finger.
  3. Allow to fry, turning the Gulgulas from time to time for about 2 minutes or until golden brown (this will depend on the actual oil temperature).
  4. Remove using a slotted spoon onto kitchen paper - they will harden on the outside as they cool.


(1) I can make no claim to this recipe apart from the reduction in quantity produced and a very slight change to the ingredients so encourage you to view the video where Manjula shows them being made. The video is worth many words. It looks easy, but will take some experience to get the results shown in the video. Mine were cooked a little too much but they were delicious.
(2) The actual recipe calls for atta or whole-wheat flour.
(3) Heating oil in a pan can be very dangerous as it can burst into flames (around 320 °C), so it is wise to invest in a cooking thermometer.

Making Gulgulas (Small Indian Doughnuts) - viewing time approx 6 minutes
I have no connection with the author or the recipe - credit where credit is due!

The finished Gulgulas
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